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Web Human Belts and Key Rings, Men, Women & Children



Preston Ribbons Webbed Human Belts & Key Rings, Men, Women & Children Matches Dog Collars

You will LOVE these belts! High quality with the same quality that Preston Ribbons are famous for in dog collars, harnesses and leads. Makes great gifts for dog lovers, match the belt with the dog collar. Matching Dog Collars and Harnesses are also available. Click on the tab below to order the matching dog collars, leads or harnesses.

TO SELECT YOUR DESIGN - Click on the Blue 'Preston Ribbon Choices' Below.  Copy and paste the design number below in the Design box.

Plain Leather Tab Belt
~ The classic cotton web ribbon belt for khakis, jeans, or corduroys. This belt for all seasons has full grain drum-dyed leather billet and buckle ends accentuated by the solid brass buckle. Match your pups collar with any of our 1 ¼” wide ribbon designs. Belt is available in styles for men, women (specify left or right side for buckles) and children. The belts are even sizes starting at 20” for children through size 48” or larger for men if needed.

TAB BELT MEASUREMENT:  Measurement is from the buckle to the CENTER hole.

Double Ring Ribbon Belts
~ Traditional double ring ribbon belts. Your choice of colorful ribbon designs, cotton or nylon webbing (click here for colors), and solid brass or nickel-plated solid brass “D” Rings. For women, children and men. All belts are 1 ¼” Wide.

Sizes: X-small (20"-26") - Small (26"-32") - Medium (32"-38") - Large (38"-44") - X-large (44"-50")

Key Rings:  Our key fobs can utilize any of our ribbons, matching dog collars, harnesses and human belts also available. Sturdy and durable, they make excellent gifts. We have 4 great styles to match your lifestyle.

Key Ring 204 - Everything is the same as our very popular 205 Key Fob plus a snap to fasten keys to backpacks, golf bags, and canvas bags.
Key Ring 205 - Brass-plated rings and clamps.
Key Ring 205-L - All the same great quality as the 205 but a little longer so you can fit your hand through the loop!
Key Ring 205-S - Again, all the same great quality as the original 205 but this Key Ring has a leash snap to easily attach to hand bags, beach bags, and so much more!

All Preston products are 100% guaranteed for materials and workmanship.

In order to provide all the different patterns and sizes Preston Belts and Key Rings are Made to Order and are not returnable unless defective. Please measure accurately and contact us if you need assistance.

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