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Sweetie Rhinestone Dog Shirt - Light Pink

MIR-52-78 LPK


Our pet dog tanks or tees, are not just great for holidays and events, but also for daily wear. They help to contain the fur and keep beds and home cleaner. Many of our customers have found some pets are calmer with a tank on and sleep better.  Shop our large collection and we're sure you will find several that would be a great addition for your pets wardrobe. 

  • High quality knit fabric
  • Double seaming for added durability
  • Made of 50/50 Cotton/Poly blend for minimal shrinkage. 
  • Sleeveless.

Sizes 8" - 20". Fits X-Small, Toy Breeds and Large Dogs up to 24 inch Chests!

Colors available: Red, Aqua, Black, Bright Pink, Grey, Light Pink, Baby Blue, Emerald Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Purple, Gray, Brown, Bright Yellow, White

NOT ALL colors are available for every design, depending on the colors of the design. Ex. If the design has a lot of green in it, we normally don't recommend the green tank.  We don't have pictures of all colors on all designs.  For Holidays we normally use colors for the holiday.

Please take the time to measure! We want your order to fit when you receive it. The Chest Girth is the 1st most important measurement.


We suggest using a cloth measuring tape.  If you don't have one available, you can use a ribbon, string or piece of yarn, mark it then lay it on a yard stick.

The Largest portion of the chest is directly behind the front legs, make sure your dog is standing. Start at the back, bring the measuring tape directly behind the front legs, all the way under, around and back to the beginning. If your pup has a lot of fur, we suggest you go up a size.  Allow for some shrinkage.

While your dog is standing, measure their length from the base of the neck to the rump, do not include the tail.  The the neck, the neck is usually not an issue unless your dog has an unusually large neck. Don't forget the belly rub!

 Size   Neck   Length          Girth           dog-310-234.jpg
XS    8 inches     8 inches  11 inches 
Small    9 inches    10 inches  13 inches 
 Medium     10 inches    12 inches  16 inches 
Large   12 inches    14 inches  18 inches 
X-Large   13 inches    16 inches  20 inches 
 2XL   14 inches    18 inches  22 inches 
 3XL   18 inches    20 inches  24 inches 
4XL 19 inches  22 inches  28 inches 
5XL 21 inches  24 inches  30.5 inches    
6XL 22.5 inches  26 inches  33 inches 


How to Measure


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