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Dog Collar - Party Bones on Raspberry - 3/4

Made to order item - Ships in 10 - 14 Business Days
$47.90 - $53.90


High quality and made in the USA. Adjustable pet collars, harnesses & leashes are stylish and made of high quality materials. Show your pup off with an eye catching collar or harness and you can sport a matching belt and/or key fob to attach to your gym bag, belt loop or leash! Choose from our large selection of patterns and prints for almost any holiday, hobby or sport. Makes a great gift for any dog lover! Preston prides themselves in high quality products that are stylish and last a long time! Only stylish designer Ribbon designs are used and sewn onto coordinating nylon webbing to create a polished look. High quality, affordable, durable, comfortable and sure to be a favorite. Preston dog collars feature Delrin Acetal side release buckles for ease of fastening and separating and solid nickel plated D-rings for strength. The collars and harnesses are easily adjustable and are available in many sizes.

The webbing color is the color bordering the design on the image above.

This design is available in 3/4 or 1-1/4 inch for Small, Medium & Large Dogs. Our collection includes 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inch widths. 1/2 inch are also available for cat collars. (sold separately)  Not all Ribbon Designs are available in 1/2 or 3/4 width.  Check the selection for the sizes available for this design.

Matching 4 ft or 6 ft Leashes use nickel plated swivel snaps.



Standard Collars:
Measure with 2 fingers between tape measure and dogs neck. If your dog is not full grown, please allow for growth. Check collar often to ensure it is not too tight.

Martingale Collars: Goes over the dogs head, this is usually worn on site hounds which have smaller heads such has whippets and greyhounds. Please measure the dogs head to be sure the opening will fit, if not, the Buckle Martingale clasps around the neck and does not go over the dogs head.

Preston collars, leads, and harnesses are 100% guaranteed for materials and workmanship. Preston Collars are Made to Order and are not returnable unless defective. Please measure accurately and contact us if you need assistance. 0000-examples.collarstepinmart-500-2.jpg


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