Tropiclean Oxy-Med Medicated Oatmeal Pet Dog Shampoo


Tropiclean Oxy-Med Medicated Oatmeal Pet Dog Shampoo

Helps relieve itching from dandruff, seborrhea and hot spots

Oxy-Med® Shampoo is a soothing coconut based shampoo formulated with micronized Oatmeal and Vitamin E for a daily soothing bath. Alpha Hydroxys penetrate the lowermost levels of the skin (stratum corneum) “cleaning out” the skins pores and "lifting" the dirt away. Wheat Protein and Vitamin B5 supply nourishment for a healthy skin and coat. Routine bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, and looking great.

Size:  20oz


Wet coat and apply a generous amount of shampoo, massaging it well into the coat. Allow to remain on the coat 5+ minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then dry. Repeat as necessary.

Average Rating 5 Stars out of 5 

What’s Inside

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Tropiclean uses only products that contain good, naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that the ingredients provide the healthy choices your pup deserves.  They strive to use high quality ingredients produced by nature and sourced in the United States. Their commitment to healthy products also extends to their impact on the environment. They make a concerted effort to minimize that impact through our reduce, reuse, recycle efforts.

Eco-friendly packaging, the first to introduce 100% biodegradable package elements.