Rolled Round Leather Dog Collars - 11 Colors!

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Rolled Round Leather Dog Collars - 11 Colors!

Round collars are particularly suited for dogs with long, thick coats because the round shape will aid in the prevention of tangled and matted fur around the dog's neck. But, they look great on dogs with short fur, too! More than 20 production steps go into the making of our beautifully handcrafted round collars. We start by carefully selecting our full grain bridle leather. Our round collars are then formed and stitched and the edges are beveled and polished to create collars round shape. Made with bright nickel-plated hardware, die cast buckle, welded dee ring, and capped rivets.

Collar Size   Fits Neck Size
10"   7" - 10"
12"   9" - 12"
14" 11" - 14"
16" 13” – 16”
18" 14” – 18”
20" 16” -  20”
22" 18” – 22”
24" 20” – 24”
26" 22” – 26”

SIZING NOTE:  You should always be able to put 2 fingers between your dog and their collar.

Proudly Made in the USA


Auburn Leathercrafters:  

You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of their handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. Since 1950, family owned and operated in Central New York State. Excellence in manufacturing is a tradition that has been passed down for generations.

These handcrafted products are made from the finest top grain leathers and other quality materials. The "AUBURN" name on labels and imprinted in the leather is their signature and promise of quality.

Auburn Leathercrafters' products have been featured in Pet Product News, The Pet Elite, Pet Business, Pet Age, Fido Friendly, Dog Fancy, and various print and television ads, including Real Simple Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens!