EasyGO USA Dog Harness

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EasyGO USA Dog Harness

The perfect harness to show your patriotism, Flag themed with stars and stripes accented with a sailor tie. The best all-in-one soft harness. Easy, safe, and comfortable to wear. It features buckless step-in design that is secured by a simple slide down clip. Matching leash is included. Easy to adjust. Wear it for Independence Day parades, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day or any day!

Matching lead included with every EasyGO. Measure around the girth for a perfect fit with your pet standing.  DO NOT order based on Weight ONLY. 

The EasyGo Harness is an all-in-one dog harness. It features a buckle-less step-in design that is secured by a simple slide-down clip. It's easy, safe and best of all, is incredibly comfortable for your dog to wear and easily adjustable.
FITTING GUIDE: Please take the time to measure! We want your order to fit. The chest measurement is the most important. Please measure directly behind the front legs, that is usually the largest portion of the chest. If your pup has long hair and is borderline on the size chart, we suggest you order the next size up, to avoid your pup looking like he was 'squeezed in' to the harness. Only you can determine what size your need based on the length of your pups hair and how often he/she is trimmed. We have included a printable tape measure for your convenience. See below.  DO NOT order based on Weight ONLY. 
Usually ships in 2 - 7 business days
Girth (inches)
XXS 9 - 12 2 - 4 lbs
11 - 15 4 - 7 lbs
14 - 19 7 - 11 lbs
17 - 23 11 - 17 lbs
20 - 27 17 - 24 lbs